Mid Day Meals for Senior Citizen :

Imagine a life of working hard, striving to provide for Family and children, finally, when the time to rest and suddenly he finds life is in turmoil, ignored by the family for he is no longer productive. For many of the senior citizens, regardless of Gender, Caste and Creed, this scenario is still a harsh reality. MSECT feels that it is our responsibility as a part of the society to provide these elders some solace and hope in life. The Trust is providing daily hot mid-day meals to about 10,000 senior citizens in Bangalore City from March 2011 regardless of caste, creed or religion. Hot mid-day meal is being served in various mosques, temples, Churches, ashrams, schools, wards etc of Bangalore.Preparation is going on for 1 lakhs Senior Citizens in Association with Well wishers.

Packaged Drinking Water :

MSECT has always believed that our Packaged drinking water is something that is as natural to all of us as breathing. It is such a vital part of our survival. But unfortunately most of the strata of society that still lives below the poverty line are denied the access to Packaged drinking water. Due to the negligence of the system and out of their own ignorance this strata of society is still consuming contaminated water which is also drying up fast. MSECT is actively engaged in providing Packaged Drinking water to these people. MSECT has set up Packaged Drinking water centers in and around Bangalore. This project is approved by the BSI for the Quality and Hygienic. That apart, the Trust is providing sufficient amount of Packaged Drinking Water Along with Mid Day Meals to Senior Citizen from 1st August 2010 to around 50,000 school children of 1st to 10th Std. studying in Govt., aided and unaided (private) Kannada, Urdu, Tamil, Telugu and English medium schools.

Warm Clothes :

Senior citizens are the most forgotten members of our society. For none of us have given a thought about how the old age feels. Most of the senior citizens are still being ignored in the society today. This is largely because of the economical burden which most of the people below poverty line carry. This makes them sometimes forget that even they go full circle in life and some day start out to depend upon someone to take care of them. Senior citizens are humans too and they have to be taken care of. At MSECT besides taking care of the food and health care, we are also serving them by keeping them warm during winters which can be very harsh on their physical well being. In the winter season the trust offers warm clothing like Blankets, Hand Gloves, Socks and monkey caps to the senior citizens. The Trust is Planning to Start HealthCare Camps for Diabetes, eye care & Dental Care.